What to do after finding a Stray


  1. Take the stray to Brackenhurst Vet at 60 Hennie Alberts Street, Brackenhurst, Alberton (Tel: 011 867 3631/2.
  2. The vet will check for a chip and if there is a chip, the vet will keep the stray on premises and contact the owners to collect said pet.
  3. If the vet cannot find a chip, the vet will keep the animal on premises for 24 hours, where after, the pet will either be taken into APN’s foster care or taken to the Alberton SPCA/AACL. APN will start marketing found pets on social media and various other forums.
  4. Strays will be kept for 10 days, whereafter, if not claimed, the stray becomes (in accordance with legislation) the property of the Rescue Centre and will be put up for adoption.  Vet will be attended to ensure: vaccinations, sterilisations, ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, deworming and any other medical treatment if such needed, is done.

Please note: If a stray animal needs urgent medical intervention, please contact any of the committee members for approval below before getting the vet to attend to the stray.

Zuerina Venter 082 850 9842
Sharon Huson 082 437 2551