Eekhoring Dog aka Harry- his story

*Update on Harry:

Harry has recovered really well from his injuries and is now in a lovely foster home. However, Harry needs his own permanent home. Please think about giving Harry a permanent home. He is a loving boy who needs to be an only dog. If you would like to give Harry a home, please call us at 082 776 3197.

The story of our special Eekhoring Dog is an especially sad one. If you are familiar with the Alberton area, you would know that Eekhoring is a street in Albertsdal, Alberton. Residents in the area had noticed this dog in the street, but were not concerned as he seemed fed and healthy. Towards the end of November 2017, a young male was rushed to the Brackenhurst Vet for injuries as a result of a dog fight. This was our Eekhoring ‘rond-loper’! Eekhoring Dog, also known as Harry, had extensive injuries, consistent with ‘mauling’ by another dog. Initially we suspected that he had been used for dog fighting, but it seems that he had been in an altercation with another dog and had been injured quite severely. Harry was in and out of surgery for weeks and needed skin grafts to treat his wounds. He was in a lot of pain, and often we wondered if he would pull through. Harry exceeded all our expectations! He made it through all the surgeries and is becoming stronger and healthier every day!

The sad part of this story is that Harry is still at Brackenhurst Vet and has been there for almost three months now. He has become severely kennel-stressed. Unfortunately, and perhaps as a result of his ordeal, Harry is quite anxious around other dogs, which has made it difficult for us to place him in a foster or permanent home. Lindsay Seller, from Dukes Academy for Dogs, has offered to assist with socialising Harry so that we can find his forever home. Ideally, he will need to go to a home with no other dogs, or a home with a submissive, gentle female dog. Strict meet-and-greets, and home checks apply. 

*But it doesn’t stop here …… there are many more cases like Harry’s out there.  Please consider donating into APN’s vet account in order for us to be in a position to help more animals like Harry.

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