Big Bear’s Story

*UPDATE from Linda at FORA (2017/11/23): Bear is doing really well! He is currently at FORA and has been sterilized and vaccinated. As you can see, he is picking up weight and is ready for his new home! He is still a bit shy of sudden movements, so he will need a calm, peaceful home with lots of love and patience. Bear (aka Baloo) is a BIG boy that will probably top the scales at 70kgs. He is not a guard dog AT ALL. Please contact FORA if you would like to meet Bear.

Wow! Look at Big Bear! We are still covering the costs of his treatment but what a fantastic transformation from the broken boy we found a few weeks ago.

On Sunday 22 October 2017, the APN whatsapp group received an urgent message from one of our supporters. ‘Big Bear’ as he has been named, was found abandoned in South Rand Road, in Johannesburg South. Ursula Hope, Helga Tsoumbris, Nadine Nel, Zeurina Venter, and Vicky Welman-Gerber rushed to the scene to find a bedraggled, starving boerboel boy. Big Bear was so traumitised that he growled at anyone that tried to touch him. Unfortunately he seemed very ill, so the ladies did their best with tins of dog food and soft words, and managed to get him into a vehicle and on his way to the Brackenhurst Vet. No one knows where Big Bear comes from. He is not chipped or sterilised and as a result of his condition, seems to have been on the streets for a long time. No one has come forward for Big Bear and we suspect he was either greatly mistreated or used only as protection, as he greatly mistrustful of humans. Big Bear is still at the vet undergoing treatment for biliary and malnutrition. If anyone is able to donate to Big Bear’s veterinary treatment, please use the banking details below. Please send a copy of the PoP to the Brackenhurst Vet (info below) as well as to We would love to thank you for your generous donation!

*But it doesn’t stop here …… there are many more cases like Big Bear’s out there.  Please consider donating into APN’s vet account in order for us to be in a position to help more animals like Riley.

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