Riley’s Story

My name is Riley, on 1 February 2017, I was (after having been severely abused, tick and flea invested, starved and abandoned), rescued by the Animal Protection Network – Alberton. A huge shock awaited them. I was kicked so badly that my testicles were protruded. I had 3 very bad pelvic fractures. The vet attended  to me, they were concentrating on my hips/pelvis and no full body x-rays were taken before (I don’t think anyone expected that I would have had so many injuries). However, initially they thought that my shallow breathing, my discomfort and pain were because of my fractures. Although my fractures were healing, I was clearly not healthy. My foster mom, was monitoring my progress carefully. The second shock came after a thorough check up. My body was a mess – I had a diaphragmatic hernia, I had no space for my lungs, hence me being unable to breath. All my organs and intestines were in the wrong position – I needed an operation to repair the damage caused by ill-hearted humans. I heard the humas say it would cost R6000!  APN had to raise funds for my operation and kind, generous humans made donations in my name at the Vet.

Can you imagine what it felt like enduring the abuse I had to, although rescued and being in the process of healing, still being in discomfort and pain and unable to breath!

I was handed over to the team at Brackenhurst Vet on 9 May 2017 for my very complicated operation – so the healing could start.  I came out of theatre at about 5pm. A very complexed operation indeed. My foster mom visited with me as I was coming through from the anaesthetic.
Dr said my tear was about 16cm. They had to cut some muscle to stretch to be able to close all properly. The extent of the injury is one of the worst they have seen – usually seen in animals who have been hit by a car. Most dogs don’t survive this operation – I DID!!!!!!!!!!! I had a will to live, despite my despicable background. The Dr discharged me from hospital a couple of  days later.

Went to visit Riley this morning. He is doing so well. The drips are off. He is on pain management and is clearly not happy being caged.

Almost a week after my op,  we exchanged the cone for a warm jacket. I spent some time on the couch with my foster mom. Still preferred lying “elongated” instead of snug. With time, as  I healed that  became something of the past.

What a transformation after having had my operation!
From a shy, introvert, I have become a wagging tail, playful soul.  The mere fact that I was able to breathe (so much oxygen flowing through my tiny body), no discomfort, no pain!  This operation assisted tremendously in me being able to do so much more.
I healed very well – once again a HUGE thank you to all who contributed towards my operation.
All I needed was a chance – I already had the will to live!!!!

On May 26, 2017,  I found out that I had been adopted.  My foster mommy handed me over to my forever mom and my 4 new siblings!  Although it was sad to say goodbye to my foster mommy, I knew that she was grateful that I have been adopted by a superb mom and that I will have a wonderful life forward!

Once again a HUGE thank you to all who made it possible that I could be assisted and given a chance on true love and happiness.

But it doesn’t stop here …… there are many more Riley’s out there.  Please consider donating into APN’s vet account in order for us to be in a position to help more animals like Riley.

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