See what we do at APN to raise funds

Here at APN we all get involved with the fundraising.  The whole team get together with painting, repairing old dog houses, making blessing blankets, raffles, selling biscuits, making craft items to sell …… all for a good cause.

We also hold regular jumble sales with the donations of clothing that we receive from the generous public.

We need the funds and we are not sitting back and waiting ……we get involved!

Muddy Puppy at Rietvlei – 19 November 2017

Spring and Craft Day at Jackson Dam – 2-3 November 2017

APN Craft Day – 14 October 2017

Woofstock – 22 October 2017

We also have a crowd-funding campaign with GoFundMe. Follow the link below to see how you can contribute:

Our big dream is to build a shelter in Alberton. Follow this link to see if you can assist: