Just like when one is looking at adopting a pet, fostering a pet works the same. You should have considered what type of pet you are looking for like size and breed that you know and understand. Please contact us to find out about which furbabies urgently needs fostering.

  1. Complete the APN Fostering Application form and email it to
  2. If your application for adoption was successful, we will arrange a property inspection to ensure that the property is secure, has enough space, suitable shelter etc.
  3. Once the home check was successful, APN will let you know the outcome and if you didn’t apply for a specific pet, APN will give you information on the available pets and arrange a meet and greet. Pets are strictly on a first-come first-served basis as pets are not booked in advance.
  4. Once all the above criteria has been met, APN will provide you with the Fostering Agreement.

The Fostering Agreement will include the sterilisation of all pets whereby a date will be provided to the foster parent to bring the pet to the Brackenhurst Vet. In the event that the pet is younger than 6 months arrangements will be made for the pet to be brought to the Brackenhurst Vet at 6 months of age for this procedure.

The pet will be vaccinated and dewormed on the APN account and this will be arranged by the directors of APN and the adoptive parent notified. The foster parent will need to bring the pet to the Brackenhurst Vet when required at their own cost.