Our Mission is to save shelter animals, unwanted and streets dogs, cats, and other animals in need – one animal at a time. (Alberton area at this stage only).

Animal Protection Network – Alberton is a registered organisation NPC No: 2017/126811/08 that is involved in the rescue of abandoned, neglected and abused animals. Animal Protection Network was opened as a rescue group of volunteers in 2017 because of the belief that all animals deserve a second chance in life and that healthy animals should not be killed just because they are unwanted.

A rescue organisation had to be created for these precious babies where they stand a chance of getting a new loving home. Animal Protection Network – Alberton is a registered non-profit rescue organisation devoted to the rescue and re-homing of lost, abandoned and neglected animals. They are a right to life organisation and do not believe in euthanasia, except in the most extreme cases – they try and re-home all the animals into loving homes after they have been medically attended to, vaccinated and sterilised.

The organisation’s main objectives are:

To act as an animal welfare group who is concerned with the health, safety and psychological wellness of animals.
Identifying individuals and/or animals in need;
Identifying and ascertaining whether those individuals and/or animals in need are living in shelters, on the street or in poor living conditions;
Once those individuals and/or animals have been identified, a comprehensive need assessment will be ascertained by means of conducting an interview with the individuals and/or an assessment of the animals in need;

Kindly note: only posts relating to animals in the Alberton area permitted (unless admin approved).   So which suburbs fall under the Alberton Area?:

• Alberante
• Alberton ext.
• Alberton North
• Albertsdal
• Alrode
• Alrode South
• Brackendowns
• Brackenhurst
• Florentia
• General Albertspark
• Mayberry Park
• Meyersdal
• Meyersig
• New Market
• New Redruth
• Raceview
• Randhart
• Rietvlei
• South Crest
• Verwoerdpark

Our Executive Committee Members are:

  • General Manager – Samanta Stelli (Director)
  • Operational Manager – Sharon Huson (Director)
  • Rescue Manager – Field Work – Zuerina Venter (Director)
  • Strategic Manager – Simon Repanis (Director)
  • SAPS Liaison Officer – Capt. Antoinette Foord
  • Head – Animal Welfare – Petro Lottering
  • Head – Reptile Care – Andre (AJ) Fourie
  • Head – Cat Feeding Scheme – Sally Pinto
  • Fund Raising – Despina Kandralidis
  • Fund Raising – Chris Santangelo